30-day home trial. 100% refundable.

Try Lume or Lume+ in your home for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied we'll arrange a free return.

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For phones, keys, and other personal items.

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13 Customer Reviews

For toys, masks, tablets, and other large objects.

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8 Minutes

Cleans in just 8 minutes.


30-day fully refundable trial.


Safe for the entire family.


Charges your devices while you clean.

The Science of Lume

Learn how Lume's ultraviolet-C technology inhibits viruses, bacteria, and infectious bugs.


Lume+ is designed to clean large objects. Such as masks, tablets, baby bottles, toys and more. Lume's ultraviolet-C light technology is designed to inhibit viruses, bacteria, and other potential threats.


To create the safest and most effective products for you and your family.


Designed for personal daily use. Lume sanitizes phones, keys, credit cards and other items that you touch on a daily basis. Its built-in USB adapter allows you to charge our phone while cleaning.

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