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Destroys mites

Destroys viruses

The Science of

Ultraviolet-C Light

Lume uses powerful ultraviolet-C light to destroy germs, bacteria, and infectious pests at the DNA level.


Ultraviolet-C light can help destroy 99.99% of flu viruses within 15 min. The same viruses that can live for up to 96 hours on your phone screen.

Source: J Virol Methods. 2004 Oct; 121(1): 85–91.

Influenza & Tuberculosis

Ultraviolet-C light has been found to help destroy >95% of airborne aerosolized viruses such as influenza A (H1N1) and tuberculosis even at very low doses of UVC light.

Source: Welch, D., Buonanno, M., Grilj, V. et al. Far-UVC light

Dust Mites

Ultraviolet-C light can help prevent 100% of dust mite eggs from hatching after just 5 minutes.

Source: Asian Pac J Trop Biomed. 2012 Sep; 2(9): 679–683.

"I use my lume everyday"


"This is perfect for healthcare workers"


"I use my Lume everyday."


"This is perfect for healthcare workers."


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Protect the whole family

Protect the whole family

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